Is this a Bug in Niagara?


As you can see in a video I’m encountering a very weird problem, if I use big numbers (thousands) in velocities and forces in a particle update the niagara system will look different in the level than what it does in it’s menu but when I start hovering quickly over any icon in ue4 ui then it seems to be quickly refreshing and look almost as intended and then it looks bad again when I stop doing it. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Hey, I don’t know what is this, it’s like kinda a bug but I think maybe it’s related to your scene that you place the Niagara system into your scene.
Try adding in blueprint actor as a component then gets the BP into your scene.

Do you have motion blur enabled?

Unfortunately adding this system to an actor blueprint doesn’t help.

I tried with and without motion blur and the effect is the same, I mostly keep my project without motion blur.

I thought perhaps it was a temporal aliasing issue, but if motion blur doesn’t improve it, that might not be the issue…