Is my workflow okay - new to VFX and I dont know what im doing

I am at a loss here:
Im a 2d gameartist working on a game with a 2man team, me and the dev.
We use Unity and I am using Spine for animations.
Currently I am doing concepting, UI, animations and VFX.
I have limited understanding of Blender, Animate CC, and C#

The game is 2D (it was 2d isometric which was even trickier, but I talked them out of that) with a faked perspective.

Now I am making effects nd I am just using everything I can get my hands on.

  • flipbook in animate cc
  • flipbook in photoshop, then move it to spine to scale and fade
  • animation in unity
  • particle editor in unity.

Its a bit all over the place.

My question is:

  • can anyone give example of a software usage/workflow for 2d VFX for sidescrolling type of game
  • whats the best combination of tools for a game (for vfx). I dont want to make it too heavy.

I am open to learning software, so if a certain type of software is the way to go, ill take it

Example scene