Introducing Polygonjs Marketplace - easily share WebGL tools


I’ve recently released a marketplace where you’ll be able to share custom tools to create WebGL sites faster, all via a visual editor.

Those tools are designed to work with Polygonjs, a node-based WebGL design tool based on threejs. It is heavily inspired by vfx apps like Houdini and Nuke, where everything is procedural.

Polygonjs has nodes for geometry processing, custom material creation, audio and even behaviors like blueprints in unreal.

Until now, every scene had to be created with just the tools available with the core app, which meant you’d need a certain understanding of how it works. But that’s not the case anymore, as you can download higher level tools from the marketplace. It will makes scene creation much easier and faster.

Here is short intro video explaining how you can create a procedural environment that you can navigate into with an FPS camera. Polygonjs Marketplace - Introduction - YouTube

Don’t hesitate if you have any feedback. And I’d love to hear about anyone using WebGL to create VFX. It’s still far behind what can currently be done with houdini/unreal/unity, but it’s growing fast.