Introduce Yourself! A little about yourselves


Hi everyone,
My name is Dongwook Kim. Im a Game art student at Full Sail University. I want to join game projects after graduation or before graduation. Anyway Im so glad to join here and so excited to meet you guys!:grinning:


Hey Folks, My name is Mike McClelland and in my current incarnation, I’m a VFX artist on Guild Wars at ArenaNet. In my previous incarnations I’ve written scripts, tools and HLSL shaders, created environments, delivered pizzas and mixed house paint. I’m the guy who keeps giving Ryan Hoss a hard time about not being on Facebook.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Facebook group and I’m glad you guys have put this together. Thank You!


Hey guys my name is Veer. Thanks for making this forum as FB is not something I’m on quite often. I’m currently a game art student at full sail university and also interested in real time VFX.
While I’m still a newbie to this field (learning to use cascade from unreal and imbueFX videos) it is really cool to be surrounded by such amazing people in this forum community. Hopefully I can get better at this art through watching some of your guys work and peer feedback. Shoutout to @Joesith and @Dongwook for representing full sail. Hope to see you round soon! :smiley:


Hi there!

My name is Kevin Marble. I am a VFX artist at Section Studios! I used to work at a place Frostburn Studios doing VFX for a game called “Heroes of Newerth”. Now at Section I am working with an awesome team on some internal projects :smiley: I love VFX! I was always that kid who was drawing flip books of explosions, or crazy magic spells. It didn’t dawn on me that all that sketching and animating was building up a crazy memory bank of VFX reference.

I’m always looking to learn, share. I look forward to sharing and growing with everyone!

Below is my VFX reel from my last studio! I’m looking to update it once my new projects have been released.
VFX Demo Reel

If anyone plays league my summoner name is :Legendary Mochi !

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!


Hello! I’m Howie Day - until the first of the month I was a Principal Tech Artist at Zynga, doing random side projects on the D/L (Like the recent System Shock reboot) Now, I’m the A/D at Double Damage games. I’ve been in the industry doing R/T VFX since 2003, and have worked on a crazy variety of projects. My main side project is Wings of Saint Nazaire - which I never seem to have a lot of time to work on. Oh well. At least my new day job provides tons of time for space ship and explosion work. Living the dream!
I’m stoked to see this new community, and I’ll be stalking the hell out of the forums. :smiley:


My name is Ryan Blanchard. I am a technical and vfx artist at Artcode Inc., a startup in Vancouver. We’re in beta and soon to launch Speed Freaks, a Warhammer 40k game for iOS. For my VFX work at Artcode, I am using particles, sprites, custom scripts that generate meshes and lots of custom shaders.

I have 16 years of experience as a tech and vfx artist. I’ve also been an environment artist, technical animator and lighting artist.

I started at Bioware where I worked on Baldur’s Gate II, BGII: Throne of Bhaal expansion pack, Neverwinter Nights and Jade Empire. At EA Blackbox I worked on four Need for Speeds: Underground, Underground 2, Most Wanted and Carbon. At Ubisoft Vancouver I worked on Academy of Champions and Pure Futbol and I’ve worked at a few other studios for shorter periods. I’ve published 16 asset packages on the Unity asset store.

Outside of games, I’ve been an electronics technologist and electrician. I learned to program as an electronics technologist before I worked in games and I still use those skills today.



Happy to see this up and running! My name is Noa Barlow. I’ve been in the industry for 9 years. I started at Surreal Software got acquired into WB Seattle (Monolith) laid off from there and started working at FXVille and currently am at Amazon Games Studios (Seattle). I’ve worked on This is Vegas,Guardians of Middle Earth, League of Legends, Shadow of Mordor, Bioshock Infinite, Deadpool, Injustice:Gods Among Us, Destiny.

Currently I’m also teaching at the Art Institute of Seattle. Soon, I hope to actually be teaching VFX but the classes haven’t lined up so far.

Welcome all!


Hey !

My name is Henri Scharr.
I am a current VFX student at Academy of Art University. I have a passion for VFX since ever (especially concerning lightning and water) and this passion became even bigger when @Keyserito showed up at our school to talk about VFX.

I am still in the learning process but I hope that one day I will make a great/super great professional !

Outside the VFX world: I used to be a Landscape designer back in France but my passion wasn’t as strong as for VFX.



I am Steven, lead VFX at Splash damage.


Hi! Nice place you’ve set up here, thanks for that! :slight_smile:

I’m Jean, a freelance VFX artist from France working with Unity since 2012. I kind of became a VFX artist with the success of my first pack on the Asset Store, “Cartoon FX”. Then people started to contact me about doing freelance jobs, so that was my entry ticket to the industry!

My time is split between these 3 things:

  • making and maintaining asset packs for the Unity Asset Store (VFX and shaders)
  • making my own games/projects
  • doing some freelance work from time to time

Games I’ve worked on include CounterSpy, Furi and the recently released Seasons after Fall.
I’m currently mainly working on a short film made with Unity with a team of super talented people coming from the CG industry, so I’m learning new things every day!

You can learn more about all that at my website:


I’m Alex Cole
Vfx artist at EightPixelsSquare -

Previously at Eurocom and Climax.



I’m Holly. I’m a Freelance VFX Artist based in Nottingham, UK. I also teach VFX at a Creative Technologies College to both College and University students.

I studied at Escape Studios and started out in the industry working in London for a boutique VFX studio and have since gone on to work for a range of clients as a freelance artists.

Really looking forward to using the site to help find good resources and keep up-to-date with the latest VFX news to then pass on to my students.


Hello! :slight_smile:

I’m Jonathan. Until recently, I was a technical artist at Free Lives in Cape Town, where I worked on Broforce. Before that, I was an artist and technical artist primarily working on high-end mobile games.

I’m currently waiting for a work visa… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey everyone!

My name is Yoeri Vleer, but in the UE4 community better known as Luos.
I am responsible for most of the VFX done in Interceptor’s RadRodgers (which is currently on kickstarter) and the additional odd-job here and there for other clients.

I am also working on a “A Particle A Day” Prject, but sadly that has been on hold for a while now due to the bizarre amount of work I currently have. (Hope to pick it up asap)

As for vfx, I never realized how much fun it is, even though a a kid I was always drawing megaman/rtype/metroid kind of effects, but in the recent years I have grown really fond of it, and made it my main job role instead of modeler/environment artist.

No reel available, because I just dont have the time to work on one.


Hello everyone

My name is Florian Monscavoir, I am from Paris, I am a 5 years experienced VFX artist on realtime only. I have worked on Remember Me by developped by Dontnod Entertainment. I also worked on Battlefleet Gothic Armada developped by Tindalos interactive, both companies based in Paris.I am currently working at Sumo Digital in the UK.

As far as I understand many of you guys comes from art schools and learned about realtime constraints by working in the industry. I studied programming for 5 years and learned about the art side by myself. So I do have an “optimization first” approach. I also like to be innovative, create new tech and do some R&D. So at Tindalos Interactive I also was Technical Director.

Here is my website (which needs more content to be added :wink:)


Hello everyone, my name is Raphael, I am currently working as a VFX artist on For honor at Ubisoft Quebec. Worked on a lot of AC games and my main interest is destruction in video games. I am in the industry for almost 5 years now. Glad to see this site full of ressources.


Hi Y’all,

My name is Tim and I am a VFX artist working over at TT Games (You know the Lego Games). Anyway I have been in the industry for just over 4 years now starting at Wales Interactive as a jack of all traides. Glad to see this pop up since Imbue FX closed its doors. I hope to be at service when the time comes. - Way out of date…


Hi everyone, I’m Michael Tornberg. I used to work in the game industry some years ago, initially as a conceptual artist, and generally everything in 3D. I’ve also worked as a teacher in 3d & programming at a university for a number of years. As well as a programmer/DevOP for a good amount of years. But lately outside the game industry. But I am getting back to it, since this is where my passion is. I am currently picking up as much as I can about VFX, since I’ve been out of it for a while. I’ll see where this road takes me. I’m a generalist, so my range is quite wide. But that also doesn’t make me an expert in any particular area :slight_smile:



My name is Véronique, and I am a Senior VFX Artist at Eidos Montréal. We just launched our newest game. Deus Ex : Mankind Divided.

I’ve been doing VFX for a while now, working at Ubisoft, Funcom and now Eidos.

I’m glad to be part of this awesome community and can’t wait to learn more from you guys :slight_smile:


Hello Everybody!

I’m Guillaume and I work at Funcom Inc in North Carolina. Before that I was at Funcom Montreal and Behaviour Interactive. Been working on The Secret World for a long time and Working now on a new project with Unreal 4.

Very happy to be here with you all !