Introduce Yourself! A little about yourselves


Hey All!

My name is Ryan. I’m currently a level designer for Jumpstart, but I have bled into making shaders and fx as needed since that’s what I love doing on my own! I’ve been in this industry a little under two years.


Hey everyone,

I’m Ryan, a Technical Artist working at The Coalition up in Vancouver on Gears of War. After I graduated University in Film Visual Effects I wanted to work in the realtime field instead. I didn’t end up doing straight visual effects work, due to getting a job as a Technical Artist at one of the Microsoft Hololens studios, but since we didn’t have a dedicated visual effects artist I ended up doing about a third of our effects anyway.

I transfered to the Vancouver studio about 3 years ago just before the Gears of War acquisition was announced at which time I began working fully on GoW. First as a User Interface technical artist, and then as a general TA.

I’ve touched just about everything in the project in some form or another. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m really excited about this community, I love the FB group and I think this is the logical and best way forward for such an amazing community. I plan on contributing often, though we will see. The game studio crunch can be brutal.

I’m real excited to see where this goes!


No, you’re not reading triple–my name is also Ryan. I’m Ryan Hoss; I’ve been in the industry since 2011. I started out at Vicious Cycle Software as a VFX artist and worked on 9 games until the studio closed earlier this year.

For the last 6 months, I’ve been part of the VFX team at Volition, working on Agents of Mayhem with great people like @Bryanna who posted above!

Since I don’t have FB I never got to partake in the RTVFX group there, so I’m very excited that this new community exists!


Hello Hello! I am Weili Huang. I am a VFX Hobo since the day humanity promise us the Y2K and I am currently freelancing for Compulsion Games and working for Starbreeze Studio in Stockholm. I had traveled and worked in Australia, US, Canada, UK, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and currently now in the Lands of the Vikings, pillaging hot-dog stands and sushi shops.

Looking forward to learn from all of you!


Hi all! My name is Ashley Pinnick; I’m an artist and developer working on a VR adventure game I’m developing at my little studio out here in Los Angeles. I’ve been in the industry for 3 years on a handful of different projects, but this will be my first title I’ll be publishing myself.

I’ve been learning more about the amazing work so many of you do and have started down the road of making custom shaders and VFX for my game. Looking forward to learning from all of you more and so excited to see where this all goes!


First of all… major props to all people involved in making this website happen!

My name is Marijn Giesbertz, I’m Lead VFX at Guerrilla Games, been working in the game industry since 2005, before that I was a CG generalist working on tv commercials.

Worked on Killzone series and currently working on Horizon : Zero Dawn

Hope to contribute and read much awesomeness in the future!


Oh wow, I have a feeling I’ll be on this website every day. Thanks for making it happen!

My name is Jose, I’m Portuguese, and after studying architecture and a few years of work doing cinematics for advertisement, I moved to the glorious country of hot women, potatos and vodka, Poland. First worked in People Can Fly/Epic Games in Bulletstorm, Gears of War 3, Gears of War: Judgment, and Infinity Blade 3, and then moved onto CD Projekt Red to work on the Witcher 3 and currently I’m on the hypetrain called Cyberpunk 2077. No pressure.

Glad and proud to be a part of this group! See you crazy talented people around!


My name’s Lindsay Orndorff and I’m currently a VFX artist at Turtle Rock as the sole artist on Evolve: Stage 2 (Worked on the first iteration of Evolve too). I’ve been in the industry 10 years and have been making visual effects for just a little less than that.

The tools I currently use are Crytek, Max, and Photoshop, but I’m eager to start wrapping my head around Unreal and that Material shader.

I just found out about the Facebook group a few weeks ago, and now this website exists! I’m so excited to meet so many other VFX artists since I don’t run into you guys often!


Hey im Russell,

Im a VFX artist at Splash Damage in London. Been in the industry 6 years now. Originally I worked at Grinding Gear Games on Path of Exile way back over in New Zealand.

I miss the fresh smoogless air : <

Im very excited about this website! Can we possibly get a work in progress section? I would love some feedback and tips with the stuff I work on at home.


Hi I’m Alvin,
I’m not an FX artist, but I’ve always been interested VFX. I would like to apply the this art form outside my professional work–especially VR/AR.


Hello fellow explosioneers,

I’ve been doing fx since 2000 when I worked at Turbine.
Online video editor in a D2 suite, Modeler, Texturer, Animator, Fx and especially material work.
Like many others on the list I work on music now and then.

Currently working on proprietary Vfx tools on the cutting edge of graph formulation. Very much like Niagara.



Hello, I’m Marcin

I am VFX artist in Destructive Creations in Poland. I have been in the industry for about 8 years. I made vfx part in Necrovision, Necrovision: Lost Company. Deadfall Adventures, Painkiller HD, Hatred and IS defence.

I am happy cuz I just get new source of usefull stuff :wink: I hope I can contribute with sth:)


Hi everyone!
My name is Jeff and I’ve been at NetherRealm Studios for about 5 years now. I’m the primary VFX artist on all of our mobile titles, since the first Injustice Mobile, including our Batman and Mortal Kombat mobile titles.
Really excited about this site and all of the learning opportunities.


Hi Everyone

I’m Ivan Pedersen, Technical Artist with Geomerics/ARM/Softbank

Big thumbs up to Keith, Drew and everybody else involved in this site and/or the original facebook group for setting up a very inspiring online community.

I did my first bit of computer graphics in something like '91 on the c64 using 3d Construction Kit inspired by playing Domark’s Castle Master which had filled out polygons and everything. Then spent some years doing protracker .mod music on the Amiga and making boolean insects in Real3d and genereally muddling around on the demoscene with likeminded people from Scandi-land. Fast forward some years and I found myself working for various UK developers including EA/Criterion, Rebellion, Sony London Studio and now Geomerics / Arm working on various things including a piece of software called Enlighten. I’ve had the true pleasure of working with and for some awesome people over the years and see people I’ve hired from university prosper in the industry.

I work with general TA type stuff but mainly with lighting and rendering in UE4 these days. I still get to do the occasional bit of VFX through as we’re a tiny team. Hit me up for a chat if you want to talk hd input and output.


Hey everyone, my name is Eric (many of my former Naughty Dog coworkers - including Keith - knew me “E.I.”). For the past seven years, I’ve been Lead Technical Artist at Big Red Button Entertainment where my focus has been more on lighting, rendering / shader code, and scripting than on VFX…but I still contribute effects from time-to-time.

Though I have been involved with the interactive entertainment industry for over 26 years, I’ve never focused on VFX…but have contributed elements for many games ranging from 2D side-scrollers on Genesis (like SEGA’s X-Men) to 3D platformers (including all Crash Bandicoot sequels on the original PlayStation / Jak and Daxter titles on PS2). Additionally, I wrote the particle uber-shader for Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on PS3.

I used to be an art generalist whose favorite aspect of production was animation (though initially hired to work on environments at Naughty Dog, I ended up modeling, rigging, texturing, and/or animating minions, bosses, vehicles, and the original Jak and Daxter), but I find myself becoming more of a programmer every day.

My experience has moved beyond console to include mobile, augmented and virtual reality…apparently I like the pain of working within ever tighter performance constraints. I’ve shipped projects using proprietary engines, CryEngine 3, Unity3D, Unreal 4…



My name is Marcos Borregales and I am Principal Technical/VFX Artist. I have been at Zynga for a couple of years, Ubisoft before that. Been working in games for 16 years and as a traditional animator for a decade before that. I code, model, animate and of course do VFX.

I am very strong with Unity3D and am currently looking into Unreal.



My name is Matt Doucette, and I am currently working as a Tech Artist at Blizzard. I’m not myself an FX Artist, but I help support our artists, and am very interested in leveling up my FX skills. I’ve been lurking on the Facebook group for a while, and I am super excited to have this community and website!

I am fairly experienced with both Unreal and Unity, and I really want to explore the FX landscapes in both of those tools more.


Hey all,
My name is Jeff Bedrick. I see quite a few former colleagues here. I’m now an instructor of visual effects, matte painting, and digital illustration at the San Francisco Academy of Art. Our Motion Picture & Television department is ramping up a completely new VR educational program if anyone’s interested in getting involved. I also serve on the Stanford Creative Ignition Lab and Gamer’s Research Guild at Autodesk.


Good to see you here Bro!!


Hello everyone!

I’m Kevin Leroy, aka Sirhaian. I’m 23 and still pretty new in the world of VFXs. I originally spawned in Belgium, where I studied the basics of video games creation (scripting, modeling, rigging, animation, characters, drawing, sound, level design, etc…) but no vfx in there at all, sadly. So, since it looked awesome, I decided to learn it by myself on my free time, about 2 years ago, mostly motivated by the Riot Games Art Challenge in 2014, where I made my very first “complete” FX.

Thanks to this contest, and once my studies were over, I moved to Rimlight Studios, in Italy, for my first VFX Artist contract. The experience ended a few months ago, but I am now about to work for Gameloft Montreal, in a few weeks. New and fresh adventure! :smiley:

I’m always eagerly training and learning about VFXs, mostly in Unity. I started a YouTube channel where I showcase my fan-made League of Legends VFXs (Sirhaian’Arts) and I recently started some Unity tutorials there too. I’m also always open and waiting for feedback on my work, cause as I always say: feedback is progress!

Also, here’s my portfolio:

I’m extremely happy to see this community coming together in such a nice way, and I can’t wait to get to know as many people here as possible!

If you have any questions or just wanna say Hi, feel free to send me a pm. :slight_smile:

May all of you have a great day!