Introduce Yourself! A little about yourselves


Hi everyone! My name is Richard Chu and I am a Technical VFX artist at Riot Games working on new champions. Prior to this gig I worked on Diablo 3 & Reaper of Souls as a Technical Artist doing VFX, scripting, and tools. I look forward to learning from this community and helping it grow into a close-knit and friendly destination for VFXers!

See you guys around!


Hello fellow VFX people!

My name is Alex Brown and I am currently a VFX artist at Impulse Gear working on a PSVR title for Sony called Farpoint. I started in the industry as a 3d generalist and made the switch to VFX while working on a MOBA for Kixeye called Tome. Although the game had a short life, it was still a valuable learning experience. You can also see a ton of my work in the mobile title, War Commander: Rogue Assault. Been at it for about 3 or 4 years now and I still love making effects!

I am so happy to have found a community like this because it has always been difficult to share and learn new techniques in this field. Once Farpoint releases, I will probably share some of the ways I was able to make VFX in VR and make them perform at 60 fps on the PS4. Vr is exciting in so many ways yet extremely challenging due to performance and how flat FX can look.

Anyways you can check out some of my older stuff here:

Hope to share and discuss more later!


Hello everyone! My name is Anton Sergin, I’m from Ukraine and I’m junior VFX artist at Frogwares

Thanks to GDC 2017 that showed to me this site. It will be very nice to be a part of this great community


Greetings everyone.

My name is Pierre-Simon and i’ve been working as a FX Artist in the cinema industry and i have mingle from time to time in Realtime VFX industry. I am working right now as a Procedural Technical Artist at Gearbox Software. We are working in unreal Engine and i’m very happy to give procedural solution to the design, art and vfx team comming from Houdini. I am also in charge of setuping the destruction pipepine for our project.

Can’t wait to chat with all of you.



Hello every one!
My name is Andrej
And I’m VFX addict

Started as 3D artist/ Generalist. I wanted to try all aspects of 3D so I could choose the one I love most. Finally got to VFX and fell absolutely in love with it. After all 3D packages, Houdini is definitely a challenge, but few weeks later it turned in to my favourite peace of software with unlimited possibilities.
Thanks to friendly people on Linkedin I found this amazing community who explained what is Real time VFX and what I need to know to start creating magic for video games.
I’m very happy to be among such amazing people and can’t wait to learn from you all and someday become a member of your team.


Hello, my name is James Tottman and i work as a Senior FX Artist at Remedy in Helsinki, Finland. I have a background working in film effects in London but decided to move into games a few years ago which as been a nice change for me. I like to focus primarily on large scale simulated destruction for cinematics and in-game set-pieces using Houdini and my last released project was Quantum Break.

Its a pleasure to be here amongst all you fellow fx artists! :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

I’m Juarez Ariño Mauro. I’m a 22 y.o. Programmer & VFX Artist at Ravegan from Córdoba Argentina.

I started to love the programming area around my 13 yo with Counter-Strike 1.6, Oh man! the memories :cry: it was great to make mods there :stuck_out_tongue:. Then when i was finishing the highschool i said to my self, wow i really want to make awesome games :grin:.

Right now i’m finishing my engineering career and starting to learn this amazing art called VFX, i’m still a newbie but hoping to be at least half as good as Kevin (Sirhaian) is :grin:.
Most of my work is done using Unity but i’m on the process to master Unreal too.

So, if u ever need some help on the programming area, give me a call, i’ll be glad to help :slight_smile:.

And also if u want some references for insipration or vfxs related tutorials here’s my pinterest and youtube list :slight_smile:

Thank you all for making this community what it’s, i’ll be happy to learn more and contribute like u guys do.

Have a great and productive day!!!


Hi Guys!

I am extremely happy i found this forum. The past two days have been a daze. I cant even remember how i found this place.
I am new to Realtime VFX or VFX in general, i am pretty good a drawing, modeling and sculpting, but honestly cool looking VFX always amazed me the most. So i recently pcked up Houdini and Unreal. And now i spend the past few weeks diving into Cascade and the Material Editor recreating some materials etc.

So far i am using ImbueFX and some EAT3D vidoes that use UDK to learn. But if anyone thinks i am missing something please let me know.

Seeing a few threads already its so cool that there seem so many pros around here willing to help out! Really cool!


Hi powerstroke! Yeah the imbueFX and Eat3D vids are a fantastic place to start, and the info and skills they teach give you a platform to do almost any kind of effect AAA is making right now, short of something tech crazy


Hello all!

I’m Aran Anderson, I’ve worked in the games industry for nearly 3 years now in various roles, been lurking the RTVFX board for a while now and thought I should finally introduce myself.

Previously I worked on several LEGO titles at Tt Games, and I recently joined the VFX team at Cloud Imperium Games to work on the exciting space project Star Citizen with some familiar faces from the RTVFX board (@Snowy, @cEssex and @michalpiatek). :grin:

Some of my most recent work can be found on my portfolio website:



My friend pointed me to this forum, and it seems to be a treasure trove of information! I’m an animator trying to expand his horizons, the logical progression is VFX - I have been animating for a couple of years and VFX-ing for a couple of months… Looking forward to becoming a part of this nurturing and quality driven community! Thanks for having me :stuck_out_tongue:

James [Vin]cent marshall


Hi all,

I’m Cyril Bignone, I’m curently an Level Designer at Ubisoft Montréal.

I was always attract by VFX, and decided that it was the time to develop my knowledge and skills, so I’m trying to learn VFX.

After reading a few threads, I’m more than happy to have found this forum.
All of the works present on the forum is very inspiring and give me the motivation to work and learn !


Hi ya’ll,

I’m Renzo Fleddérus, for now just a nobody studying game programming (C# / Unity) in college.
As of a few month’s ago, my interest in the VFX world has really started to set off and I’m now aiming to become one, which has leaded me over here.
I must say that this industry as a whole is kind of daunting for someone who started out in the lowest bracket’s, non-the-less giving up ain’t in my vocabulary.

That said I’m still struggling pretty much as to where to start with everything, I do lurk around alot, check out posts on the site or tutorials on youtube (shoutout to Mirza Beig, @Keyserito , @Luos_83 and @Sirhaian ) Although i have the tendency to Check out and watch the tutorials and not follow along with them :expressionless: (does help me remember stuff tho)

I’m probally blabbering on for to long already,
Hope to learn alot over here, and may this community flourish

Greeting’s from the NL :wink:


Hello everyone,

My name is Steven Cheung, 25, and i come from French Polynesia (if you don’t know what it is, Tahiti and Bora-Bora might ring a bell). A few years back i didn’t know what to do in my life. All i knew back then was that i wanted to leave my family which kinda gave up on me. So i simply took any opportunity that came to me so i could live on my own. I did many things, from being a nurse, serving in the army, studying Law at University (which i dropped in the final years for personal reasons) to being a teacher for a few years.

My last job as a teacher allowed me to realize what i really wanted to do, at least partially: Working in the Video game industry. There is actually little (if none) hope for that in French Polynesia, so i decided to leave for either France OR Canada. I then choosed the riskier choice : Canada. So i did whatever i takes to make my way to get there like working for 3 years to get enough money, make all the papers needed and etc.

Now here i am, studying in College Inter-DEC Montréal for 10 months now. I will graduate in less than 3 months. Yet i wasn’t sure what i wanted to become even though i have knowledge in modeling, texturing, animation, level/game design. Until i got the VFX course in the 2nd Session. Now my way is clear: Becoming a VFX artist.

Right now we are in the middle of our final project as a Team (we are 8) and i’m the one in charge of all the VFX.

I’m also working on my Demo Reel and my VFX teacher, a VFX Senior, is helping me a lot so i succeed.

Working in both UE4 and Unity(ShaderForge/Playmaker) and i think i have solid basic knowledge on how particle system works. Right now i am learning how to use Vector fields (with Vectoraygen). I’m still struggling with creating fire or Smoke from scratch though, which i think is crucial. I have a little of knowledge in FumeFX but i can’t practice outside school and it is only available on specific computers.

My teacher introduced me to this website which i think is incredibly helpful and i hope one day be at the level where i will be able to claim that I made it.

Sorry for the long post but i just didn’t know how to talk a little bit about me without writting that much.

TL;DR: I’m Steven Cheung, 25, French Polynesian aspiring to become a VFX artist.


Hey everyone,

I’m already here since January but haven’t taken time to introduce myself properly - sorry for that - so I do it now:

my name is Klaus, I’m from Austria (not Australia ;)) and 26 years old. During my studies of computer animation I started developing games and found my love for real time VFX :sparkles: :heart:

Within my studies I worked on two game projects as game design lead and VFX artist. The first one was an AR board game called YoKaisho, the second one was an exploration art game called NIVA. Both went very well and we were even able to get hold of a few awards with them.

Three of my team mates and me felt like creating games together is exactly how we want to conquer the world, therefore we are now in the process of founding our own indie game studio in Vienna! This summer we’re going to push our prototype of our next project Weaving Tides further in order to get grants and investors - so please keep your fingers crossed for us! :grin:

I’m super happy that I found this community and I’m thrilled by all your skills, techniques and creativity, it really keeps me motivated!

Keep up the good work everyone!


Hi my name is Alexandre,

I’m from Montreal, in the province of Quebec in Canada.
I’m new here and in the VFX industry as well.

I just get out from school, in 3D Modeling for Video Games at “Le Campus ADN”, and really fell in love with the VFX.
I was the VFX Artist for the 2 game project we did as the last project, during little bit less than 15 weeks.
Those Game project where done in Unity, it was a lot of work to create everything for 2 games but was a great experience.
I also learn Unreal, but Unity was chosen for the project.

You can always look my reel and portfolio online at
or connect with me on Linkedin:

I just went out, so of course, I’m looking for jobs opportunities as a VFX Artist in Games.

So if you take a look, give me a small critic it’s gonna help me get better.

Thanks a lot in advance!


Yoooooo Campus ADN ftw!


Hi, my name is Omar Amores.

I´m from Spain.

I started as kind of technical/rigging artist with Softimage, with some bits of animation too.

I worked as a fully generalist Game Artist for mobile for more than a couple of years, then I got into a project as a character artist. Character model workload was small, VFX was huge, so I started doing some minor things, I liked it, team liked what I did, so I begun creating the more complex effects, then all the effects and shaders/technical support for the game, what was Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot .

At some point It was time for me to decide if I wanted to go back to 3D or continue the VFX path so, here I am.

I´ve been a FX Artist in Social Point, Barcelona, for more than a year now.
This is my first released project as a fully fx artist

I´ve reached a point when I have to move forward, and learn techniques and how-tos in order to be able to create next level VFX, as so I here in this web, to learn from the best and ask a lot of questions!

I´ll post a reel and a work journal in the future as soon I get it together.



I’m Alex. I’m primarily a 3d artist/animator who worked on titles like Zoids, Samurai Champloo, Red Line(the animated movie), Estopolis(Lufia in the west), Kenka Bancho series, Culdcept Saga and a bunch of other stuff.

I recently gotten into shaders and realtime vfx when my friend and I started making our own game

I’ll probably just lurk and be amazed of this forum.


Hello everyone!

My name is Raul and I am from Spain. I was working as a prop artist in my last job but I had the opportunity to start working in technical stuff and VFX. Now I want move to this area and get better my skills. I like Scripting, Shaders, VFX and of course do my best to help people.

I don’t have so much experience yet and I am learning like crazy, as much as I can, to get ready a new portfolio and look for a job with this profile in mind.

I am happy to be here, keep the good work everyone!