Interceptor - Sketch #2 Portal (not competing)

Hey all, I might not have the time to compete but I did want to show off the portal me and the Interceptor Team did for Rad Rodgers.

Since this was a team effort, and made way before this sketch-contest-ish thing was announced I wont be competing with this… but had to share nontheless :slight_smile:

Me: Most of the vfx/particle related things.
Simon Rance - Most of the shaders.
Leon & Grzeg - Blueprint stuffs.

due to time constaints we didnt have the time to alter the portal on the “pixelverse” side to be pushing things outwards, but maybe in the near future we will :slight_smile:

Also: noticed my microphone was still on other side of the room so I’ll re-record when I have some time, apologies and please ignore the faint mumbling I did :stuck_out_tongue: