Inherit Parent normalized Age?

Hello, I have a problem. I do understand what parent normalized age is but I don’t know how it works here. So I want to sync the life time of parent particle to child particle. And I found out this node. But how exactly we use this?image

Take a look at :wink:

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Yes I do understand about Eventhandler. I just want to know how we use this exactly node.
For example my parent particles have lifetime between 3-5 secs. So how do I sync this lifetime to my child particle with exact IDs of every particle.

Enabling this checkbox should work out of the box. Meaning each child particle inherits the parnts age. So if you are only spawning one child particle per parent, it will match exactly. If you are spawning 5, all 5 of them will inherit the parents NormalizedAge. It should overwrite the child particles lifetimes.
Is it not working for you?

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Thank you for replying. So like, if the parent has 5s lifetime, the children also have 5s lifetime (which overwrites the initial lifetime)? Why do they mention ‘normalized’ here?

So it’s not really the lifetime they inherit, but the Age + Lifetime. Normalized Age is generated by doing Age/Lifetime and is always between 0-1 (0 = Birth --> 1 = Death).
By ticking this, you can make sure that the children die, whenever the parent particle dies.

You can use Attribute Readers, something like that should work:

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In the attribute reader input you put the name of your parent emitter

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Thanks. Haven’t used particle attribute reader in my life but I’ll check it out.