Images in the Featured Tiles at the Top

A little more info about the featured tiles at the top, if you’re curious:

Unless an admin sets a post to appear in them, they are automatically placed based on their ranking as “Top” posts. This means that as you spawn great discussions, your topic will appear automatically at the top.

Of course, these tiles use images if there is one available - all you have to do is embed or link to an image in your post, and the tile will grab the first one. So if you get a topic listed in the tiles, first - Congrats! Second, stick an image in it to make it even cooler!


Hey! Just checking, are these things working?
I’ve seen these posts:

For weeks now and there doesn’t seem to be any activity in those threads these days. Granted, they are good topics, but there seem to be a lot mroe action going on in different parts of the forum.

I was actually wondering the same thing at the moment.

They’re currently pulling from the top posts of the year, which is basically a self-fulfilling prophecy :frowning:

I have a large overhaul coming in shortly - this will definitely be fixed.


OK, we went ahead and fixed it - turned out it was quite easy :slight_smile: Thanks for calling it out!