Ice Shot (UE4)

Hey all!

I have just finished this magical ice shot effect and would love some feedback on it!

This was based on the great tutorials by @Luos_83 (thanks alot!)

I am working on a battle system within UE4 as a portfolio piece to showcase both programming and VFX work. This is the first effect i have created. A single target, medium level ice spell.


Really cool effect. The shards appear, come in and then go back out to the same distance they spawned from and instantly move towards the target.

Perhaps you could exaggerate the second ‘bounce’, pause and then come in to sell the weight and anticipation?

Also more directionality in the impacts, size variations in the chunks and some mist layered in could help sell the impacts as well.

Hope that was helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice ice impacts, are they supposed to hit the floor or the sphere?

The “sparks” from the impact seem to accelerate a little oddly would benefit from some gravity or a shorter lifespan.

Could add some dry ice style clouds to support the cold look.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I added the sphere after to simulate a target but i guess it does look a bit off as it looks to be passing through it…

I am working on creating some ice/cold clouds but been having some difficulty getting them looking nice

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@Doggett I agree with the sparks being a bit fast, ive slowed those down now and shorted the life time, i feel it fits in better now.

I’ve also added some mist thanks to @Luos_83 and his effects pack!