I was wondering how this can be reproduced in Unity/UE

giphy.gif (379×480)
Hello there. I was looking at this Fortnite skin, and I was wondering how a material like this can be made. (i’m talking about the cube inside)

To me it seems that there is no actual mesh inside, but the shader simulates it perfectly.

Anyone has an idea on how this could be made?

Thank you!

You could try with the bump offset node or any kind of parallax UVs. But the cube looks so ‘perfect’ + the texturing on it make me think that it is actual geo. Mabye revealed by some kind of depth comparison. Or custom depth?

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Looks to me like a raymarch technique, very clever.

UE5 Tutorial - HLSL - Introduction To Raymarching - YouTube extensions of techniques like this one introduces.


Wow! That may be the case actually