I don't know maker Shader.[How to make a Shader in Unity?]

They look complicated

I want to have complicated effects

I know Shader Graph, but I can’t find a tutorial.

This might get you started:

Also Hello Triangle has some really useful info that goes a bit more in depth:

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I’m a big fan of Joyce’s tutorials. She knows her stuff, and goes over a lot of interesting techniques.

Specifically this one for you:

I think shader programming seems complicated for an artist as art seems complicated for a programmer, they are different skills so yeah you need a bit of research.

I am actually doing a refresher and trying to deepen my knowledge in shaders. I’d advise you to check out Shaderslab Laboratory.

I have way more references up my sleeve and have been piling them up in my GitHub repository and will update it as I go. I won’t post more here bcause I’m a new user and I can’t post more than 2 links xD. In case you’re interested you can take a look in the readme file, it’s under Cool References.

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