How would you recommend a student learns VFX theory?

I, of course, had a lot of questions to ask @ GDC’18 and it was a sheer pleasure to ask them in person. One of the bigger ones, I’m finally getting around to asking here. That question is the title.

“How would you recommend a student learns VFX theory?”

To put the question another way; How do you go to understand the parameters (theory) you need to use to create an effect?

I’d say more for further clarification, but I promised I would start this post short and sweet. So here it is, my question. Thank you.

hey dude! i’m learning too, but what’s helped me learn so far, is learning things in context. Like after i finish a tutorial i take what i got and try to apply it. That gives me a sense of what hings are used for in context of an actual effect. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I think the theory is learnt by dissecting every single aspect of an effect you like and then try to understand the WHY?
When i want to learn something i usualy take 10 to 20 pictures of the effect i want to mimic and then try to figure out the colors, timing, shape and little details you don’t even notice when simply looking at it the first time,

theory is cool but i like practice better :slight_smile:

You should watch Jason Keyser’s artistic principles of vfx Use it as a guide for your own effects, but the bottom line is just putting in the work. Make something, post for feedback, focus on areas you consistently have trouble with, and re-apply it. Create, fail, learn, repeat.

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