How would you implement anime teleporting / flashstep effects?

For reference: ichigo shunpo - YouTube

How would you implement this effect ? Do you need to create any custom textures or would you do this as some screenspace effect?

You could do both. You could solve it with Post Process. E.g. fake motion blur:
Custom Motion Blur in Visual Effects - UE Marketplace (
I would probably render a custom texture though, that then dissolves away.
It’s probably slightly more work, but will give you better looking results.
What really helps when analyzing effects like this: Framestepping. It will help you in your texture generation process. E.g.:

So bascally:
-Pose character
-Dissolve character with a directional dissolve, same direction as the ‘Aftershape’
-Grey ‘Aftershape’ with dierctionality
-Dissolve ‘Aftershape’
-Create a few variations for various character poses
-Spawn many of those


Appreciate the help! Frame by frame analysis is sooo nice for observing the effect! I decided to use vertex displacements with a noise texture rather than motion blur because it’ll be used in VR!

Great point about posing and and directional dissolving!

Here’s the effect. Would you be able to give me feedback :smiley:

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Nice work! Would love to see the final result with multiple bodies :slight_smile:

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Here’s the result!