How would I make this Shader?

Hey y’all. I’m new to VFX, but I had a really cool idea for a game I’m making. You’ve probably all (or at least one of you) played a pokemon game in the past.

In Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, they use a shader on the pokemon Kyogre, when he turns to his primal form. What would I do to remake this?

Photo Here (It’s not showing up for some reason):

Here’s higher res:

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I would like to know that as well. It looks as if there’s a sphere in the center of the body that stays fixed, but since I’m a little new to this, I’m not sure how it works or how it can be made…

Sorry, but can you please clarify what you’re looking for again? There’s a lot going on in that gif.

Do you perhaps want to know about how to do the effect? The shaders used in that are very simple and standard.

I was curious about what shader you’re looking for (I’ve never played a pokemon game tbh :sweat_smile: ), and I found this reference:
Are you trying to recreate the shader on the belly/bottom jaw area?

A simple version would be a color gradient mapped to fresnel.
If you want more details on the inside then maybe parallax offset, or a second mesh inside with flipped normals? “galaxy” shaders like this one have a similar styling.

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Assuming you’re talking about Kyogre’s “orange light”, that could easily be accomplished with a fresnel, masking it with a texture for the blue areas, just applying it to the white bits.


Something similar to this awesome post by @simonschreibt :new_moon_with_face:


Yeah, I mean the orange belly light. It seems to be fixed in a certain spot, as if the body is clear.

I would like to know how to do the belly shader, where there is the orange sphere that stays fixed

Yeah, that was the one I was talking about. I want to know how the “belly” shader can be made. Also, I checked out the Galaxy shader, but I’m not sure how to change it to the Kyogre shader.