Free Download - Fortnite Inspired Galaxy Shader - Unreal Engine 4 + Unity

:computer_mouse: Download it by clicking here :computer_mouse:




Created this Fortnite inspired Galaxy Shader! Easy to customize, rapidly create material variants.

Also available for Unreal Engine 4.22.3!


The workflow was a bit different for the Unreal version, I had to use the NVIDIA Texture Tools for Adobe Photoshop plugin to create the cubemap!

This was highly inspired by @Garrexus and @Nokdef work.

Couldn’t decide to which of the two topics reply with this post, so I created a new topic instead!

Enjoy! :milky_way:


It’s wonderful ! :smiley: I love it :smiley:

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So cool! Thank you, guys!

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Glad you liked it :new_moon_with_face: @VFXbaker @Kitiss

Please don’t forget to share with us anything you create with it!


Awesome stuff! I’ll have dig into this later this evening, thanks for sharing!

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Sharing is caring!

Feel free to use this in commercial projects :sparkles:

What an amazing work! Thanks for sharing your approach on Unreal, there are very few unreal engine cubemap tutorials out there!

Thx for sharing!

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Props to you for inspiring me!

I was feeling non-productive so I just went and did it.

Happy to know you enjoyed it!

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I’m a beginner and I’m not sure at all how to create this. Can you post the files and make maybe a video tutorial

Hey @Ikky_Jones!

Welcome to the forums.

The files are available to download by clicking on the very top of my post, where it says “Download it by clicking here”.

About the tutorials, check the threads I shared on my post, @Garrexus and @Nokdef already did a tutorial on that. I made it a bit different, but you should get the idea!

Have a nice one!

Sorry for all the questions, but assuming that the .rar file is the file for ue4, how do I unpackage it? Also, in the download, is the galaxy material already made, or do we have to create it ourselves in blueprint? I have to say, this is the best shader I have ever seen!

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Glad you like it! :sparkles:

The material is already made hehehe

You can unpackage the .rar file using Winrar or a similar software. Then, just double click the .uproject file and the project should open! Make sure you’re using Unreal Engine 4.22.3 or a more recent version.

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wow!!thank you very much!!!

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How could I make the galaxy effect fixed so that when I move around, the material seems to within the character rather than coating the character? Also, is there a way to get rid of light reflections on the material?

For some reason, when I import the files into my project and drag the materials on, they turn transparent and don’t work.

That’s strange. I just imported the files to a brand new UE4.25 project and it works!

That’s strange… Is there a special way to import into UE4 rather than dragging and dropping the content files? Like how in Unity, there is a separate tab to import files.

This is the best way, migrating assets!

Ohhhhhhhh. Thank you so much @Lush!

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@Lush, do you mind if I use this material in a game I’m currently developing?

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