How to recreate this texture?

Hello rtvfx people, first time poster here! :smile:

I’m following a tutorial (link below) and everything is working nicely,
however I’m having a bit of trouble recreating one of the textures in there, the flow map.

I tried to replicate it in after effects and substance designer.
My approaches were based on some ridged noise with a strong wrapping effect, because that’s what I think it resembles most.
So far I didn’t get any good results and it always comes out looking completely different.

Any tips?
How would you approach this?

The tutorial: Lightning effect with unity custom data

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Looks like a noise passed through like liquify in Photoshop or something like that. I don’t think it’s more process than that… Maybe a blur pass as well.

I created it witnin After Effect no plugin. And optimize seamless at Photoshop. But I seems to lost the origin file.:sweat_smile:

I just do one quickly below.

Wish it help.


Wow, awesome!
Thank you so much!! :smile:

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