How to orient particles to direction they are moving?

Hello, i use burst spread for making particles burst out of circle with Strenched billboard and strength scale -1 like this
But in this case texture i use losing the originally shape.
How to get the same result but using another method? Maybe I am mistaken at all in my reasoning. Thank you.

What changed to make the 2nd image work differently?
– note you need non-zero velocity for billboards to grasp a vector for aim. usually this can be achieved with just Start Speed : 0.005 so the motion is very small

Render Alignment has options

there are new concepts I have not dove into, i am not sure how they work (yet)
|Freeform Stretching|
|Rotate With Stretch|

View velocity can be useful – You may also need to partner it with a quad :
Render mode > Mesh > Quad
This can be required to make a plane behave like throwing cards out in an arc.

Also note shape modules are not unified with respect to ‘direction’; I can’t recall which but be mindful cube emitter, circle, line…hemisphere… they all may eject billboards with different concepts of “front” – Start Rotation can help that

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3d start rotation + velocity aligment

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