How to give a particular movement to a mesh particle in UE4?

Hi everyone !

I’m a beginner in VFX and for a student project, I try to make a spell in UE4 but I have a problem.

That’s what it looks like:

I would like to make particles that revolve around this effect. For example small spheres with a trail.
I made a sphere, and use the mesh emitter but I can’t give a special movement. I try to move the pivot, and use the rotation mesh. Spheres move around the effect but trails do not follow.

And sorry for my english, I hope this is clear ^^’

I don’t know about getting trails to properly follow the spheres, but maybe you could just do wisp-shaped meshes with a scrolling material, like this.

Also, adding a hot point at the bottom helps marry the rays going up to the shiny ring on the ground. A bit of pink could help break up the single-color if you wanted to do that too (could also go in the blue direction for a different feeling).


Thanks for your help Keyserito ! ^^ I used mesh and it’s working !

Now I’ll try to make the bottom. thanks again ^^

You could also add a Fresnel to the material in order to hide these hard edges.