How to draw radial mask on each position of local space?

Is that possible draw multiple radial mask by distance from sequence of vector data?

I’m trying to creating impact effect material if bullet is hit some position, than, I’m trying to make some effect on geometry by that bullet position.
I can make with single bullet position by using dynamic parameter but if there’s multiple bullet is hit, how to draw radial mask from each bullet hitted position?

This video represent what I trying to make.

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You trace the position on the geometry with a blueprint actor and send the world position to the materials’ sphere mask B slot. That material is set to an additive blend mode which then writes to a render target that is then read by the final material as a texture sample.
You can follow the tutorial series below.

This is how I used the technique. You can also delete the last positions over time and make a brush to lerp materials.

If you don’t want to go down the rendertarget route, you can also do a finite amount of bullet impact positions. So you would create one vector paramater for each impact position in the shader and then set them via blueprint, looping througth them once the max amount of impacts has been reached.
This is commonly done for shield impacts, for example. Where the impact only last a short amount of time.