How to create Nasus Q effect? (Unreal Engine)

Hi! This is my first time posting here, so if this is the wrong place I am sorry.

To the question at hand, VFX has always seemed cool to me but I haven’t really done any until now. I want to create something along the line of Nasus Q.

I followed the project L tutorial from CGHow but there were 2 main issues, first I can control the texture that well to perfectly have the highlights on the edges as it uses a stretched noise texture instead of something had painted. Second is that, after looking at the Nasus Q effect frame by frame, the effect pops up but the part connected to the staff stretches along with it.

So what i want is to create it using a mesh + some hand painted masks. I really have no idea how to make them move.

Sorry again if this is super obvious, as I really have only a very basic idea of how this works and only work with particles in Niagara before

Are you looking to create the trail effect from just the swing, the impact when he hits something after using Q, or both?

Sorry didn’t see this earlier was trying to figure out how things are done. Got to the conclusion making a trail was the way to go, but now i am stuck at the hit effect itself.

I wanted to try and do something along the lines of this Screenshot - 9df2d2ff77f8353b01b0c159ce4c8840 - Gyazo . And I am trying wrap my head around how this is done, cause i am not sure if i should use 2 emitters or just 1. Couldn’t find any good tutorials on it either as i am still too new to understand.