How to create Janna's Q


I am trying to recreate Janna’ Q , But after two days of trying I still couldn’t get the result.
My initial guess is: it is using a main ternado mesh, with some ribbons surrounded the main ternado to create randomness.


At first glance, it looks like it’s made of 5 elements

  1. Ground Dust
  2. The top two-part swirlies
  3. The constantly spawning round elements at the base
  4. The little glow motes that follow along
  5. The main mesh of the tornado

They could be using vertex offset on the main tornado mesh, but it almost looks like the mesh is offset a little from the pivot, and they are rotating the mesh around the pivot. Hard to tell if the top of that main tornado mesh is really flared out at the top, or curves over like a mushroom like in my screenshot. The spinning trail things at the top are probably a rotating mesh with duplicated UVs to get a single texture on each side. The ground meshes are short life, constant spawning, and they curl over a bit at the top so you don’t see any harsh edges. Dust at the bottom and little motes are probably just single texture, low opacity particle sprites.


Nice observation and breakdown Travis :wink:

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