How to align projectile heads with a target? (Solved)

Hey I created my first projectiles using a tutorial from @JangaFX and messed around a bit afterwards. I came up with two other effects and I liked how they turned out.

The problem is that the two projectile heads at the bottom are not aligning with the target, if it’s not directly in front of the spawn point or moving.

They both are using “local space” and the blue one is using a cone mesh.
One suggestion I found was to set the screen alignment to “PSA Velocity” but that didn’t do anything for me.
Do you guys have any other idea on how to fix this problem?
I would love to get some feedback or suggestions!


Yeah “PSA Velocity” is the solution. Try align your texture vertically


If the particle head is local, you could find the look at rotation within the blueprint and rotate the particle system as the projectile moves :wink:

The FX look great! Glad to see the tutorials helping others.


Thank you!
But it seems like I’m doing something wrong. Here is the head emitter in cascade:

And I also tryed to change the blueprint a bit. But that is not really helping either.

Do you have any idea what I’m doing wrong?


Blueprint - Notice that I am taking the projectiles current location as my lookat start. Then looking at the target and getting the rotation from that. Plug that into set world rotation for the entire projectile and update it each tick.

Cone mesh particle with local space:

To get it to work on an actual particle sprite, that’d be a bit harder.

You would likely need to lock axis for the particle version to work, but then that restricts you being able to see it head on. Maybe Lock Z rotate? Then use a rectangle instead of velocity aligned. Just my guess.


That seems to have worked!!! Thank you!
I had to rotate the particle emitter in the blueprint 90° but now it’s better!
I probably have to shrink the head a bit because it looks a bit clunky if the target is moving fast. :wink:

Thank you again for all the help, that’s so awesome!

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Quick update:
The arcan/ stardust is just using normal sprites with “local space” for the head and is working with the same method!
Just change the blueprint and rotate the emitter 90° in Z! It seems like the Screen Alignment doesn’t change anything but I will keep it on “psa velocity” for now.
Thank you all again!!! Hopefully this post will help you guys too!

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