How can I orient meshes so they all face a specific point?

Hi, this is my first post here. I am new on VFX and I am trying to replicate a specific effect on a video game for practice. Basically I want to connect the arches of the laser into the sphere/core. Take note that the long lasers and the arches both connect to an event location with the small sprite circles that randomly spawn in a circle (shape location) in front of the sphere. These lasers are just long cylinder meshes with a blue color. I tried looking for workarounds on the internet, but no luck. Or maybe I’m just stupid on looking lol

Basically here’s a rough markup of what I want

And here’s the actual VFX so far

Any type of help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

You could solve this by using a ribbon or beam.
I’d solve it for one ribbon first, then spawn more. You will need 3 source particles for each ribbon.
1st particle at location of sphere, 2nd particle at location in front of sphere and 3rd particle somewhere in the distance. Then you give those all the same ribbon id and connect them. Make sure ribbon link order is setup correctly, going from 1st to 2nd to 3rd.
Once you have one ribbon finished, you can spawn more particles (always dividable by 3, as you need 3 particles per ribbon). And then you would need to adjust your ribbon id. E.g. every 3rd particle you increase it by 1. (Similar thing for ribbon link order).

I presonally think this would be the easiest way, but if you need meshes, you could also just spawn these as one mesh, and then orient them away from the sphere, but rotate them towards the center. You can adjust the mesh orientation, by using the vector from your source location (the shape location that scatter particles in front of your sphere) to the center of the sphere.

Sorry for the high level explanation, I hope this helps anyway.

I’d just make the pivot point of your mesh the end where you want them to all meet at. Then just add a random initial rotation on a single axis, and if you want some location variation, use a sphere location module with a very small radius.

Is there any reason you couldn’t make the pivot point for the geo be the very end of the bent portion?