How can I fade the top and bottom part of my Niagara Mesh UE5 - Beginner VFX artist

fading top and bottom

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Here you go, if your Uv-s are utilized fully in Uv space.
Switch the component mask to G channel to flip the mask.



Wow, thank you so much.

Just as another alternative, take a look into VertexColors. You can fade out the edges of meshes by coloring these edges and sampling vertexcolors in your shader.

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I have tried coloring my vertices in Blender but when i export it in Unreal it doesnt work.

make sure your unreal import settings are to Replace Vertex colours, for some reason the default is set to Ignore.


how do i sample it in my shader material.

Vertex Color node should do the trick.

A third method to mask of a mesh top to bottom, would be to use object local gradients. TharleVFX got a few very good tutorials on his youtube channel about that.

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