Hovl: Sketch #51

Final work:


For activation:


I started from simple trail and smoke


Added fire sprite animation and simple sparks

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Work continues…
Added glow, distortion and black smoke


I started working on the initial effect.
It’s like starting an old motor, but for engine and faster:

Currently it’s a prototype. I will work on the details, dimensions, and speed at the end.


Added glow and light

Made it shorter and faster, also start flashes are softer now

Also I have and idea to make it spiral according to new references:


Added flashes like in first reference and violet spiral trails

I take ship from here:
BTL-S8 K-wing assault starfighter by lightwarrior is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution


Next step is demo-scene. I will use this tool for creating starbox :star_struck:

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Next step is making a video with animation :nerd_face: :grin:




Hey Hovl,

This really looks brutal and menacing, great job!

I only get a bit of an irritation by the menacing thorny spikes shooting out to the sides.
Don’t get me wrong, they are a very significant element to give the effect its character and they look very good, I only get the feeling they move too fast and/or live to short.

Eg. If they wouldn’t die that abrupt, still have their brutal appear, but have kind of a bit slower gradient fade from source to tip while being slowed down. Kind of keeping the accent they have, but reduce the popping character a bit on the disappear part… just so the eyes can look at it for longer without getting fatigued too quick but keeping the aggressive character…

But this might be a bit nitpicking here :sweat_smile:. Overall I really like the effect a lot!!

Hi, thank you for advise. I have already tried that you said, but it will be worst. My goal was maximum realism (in the sense of game realism) and slower dissolve ruins this effect. I experimented with speed and comes to the conclusion that it is the most eye-catching speed. You can’t fully catch these flashes so you need to look more. Even I, as the creator of this effect, spent a lot of time just staring the effect :laughing:

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