Houdini Vertex Animation Texture Normal Map issue in UE4

Hi All,
I hope you’re having a great start to the new year!

Is anyone here having trouble getting normal maps working with VAT? I have everything working EXCEPT for normal maps. I’m using UE4.26.

Here’s a vid of the issue:

Here is what I’m working with in UE:
Material - Note I have since used an “add” in place of the “blend angle corrected normals” node:

Material Instance settings:

json file:

I would really appreciate any help as this is stressing me out.

Cheers in advance and all the best!

Are you sure the normal is in world space coming out of houdìni? Also, the normal you have assigned to your ‘Normal Map’ slot looks a bit weird. Like it doesn’t look similar to the position texture, but more like an actual normal map.
Other than that your setup looks fine to me.
I’ve had some issues in the past when my sims in houdini were scaled ‘too large’, but it would result in flickering when imported into UE, rather than weird normals.

Thanks for the response, @TobiasTobasco.

The normal is a standard tangent space normal map created in substance painter.
In my setup you can see I’m transforming it from tangent to world.
I solved the scale prior to this post.