Houdini Vertex Animation in Cascade - Blueprint Trigger Problem - Solved

Hey all,

I’m currently having an issue with Cascade Mesh particles and blueprints.

I have a splash effect in cascade using a mix of gpu particles and then a mesh particle (which is a vertex animation) - this all works fine when placed in a level and triggers correctly and only loops 1 time as I want.

When I trigger this from a blueprint however, everything in the effect works as expected EXCLUDING the vertex animation mesh particles. Which don’t appear at all.
[Spent some time trying to debug, changing bounds, changing scale of the mesh, turning on local space, and see if its being spawned just not at the location expected - but it doesn’t seem to be spawned at all]

Wonder if anyone had encountered this issue themselves specifically with Cascade - Mesh particles (Using a vertex animation) - and then triggered via BP

Any thoughts welcome :slight_smile:


Just to update incase anyone else runs into this issue.

In the vertex animation material - you need to swap actor position for particle position (which makes complete sense, and I’m sure theirs a note on a forum somewhere saying this)


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For future reference, this is covered at 23.45 in this video.


Thanks Partikel!

I knew the info was somewhere :)!