Houdini to Niagara problem - Niagara OK, World not OK! :(

Any ideas why a Houdini/Niagara hbjson cache plays fine in Niagara viewport but in World it flickers like a bad VAT?

Here is what it looks like in Niagara viewport -

and in the ue4 world -



Not sure but I’ve run into the same issue… I ended up using a vector field and imported the geometry to source the particles from so they match up. Might be worth trying out.

How big is your cache, mine was ~300mb even after reducing particle count and that’s probably a lot of info to try and run real time which is my guess for why it turns to shit. Vector field was way smaller file size.

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Hey cheers, strange it was the export, remade a new one and it was fine. 200k particles (400mb!) worked a treat! :smiley:


After experimentation, particles of up to 1.4G can be imported. When my particles exceed 2G, I will split them by the number of frames! It’s great

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did the vector field version of the particle look the same? how much space did it end up taking?

I didn’t do a side-by-side- comparison… which I’ll do when I get around to version 3… but they’re probably a little different. Size was ~800kb.