HoldimProvae : Sketch #62

Final Submission::


Hello, I was so busy due to preparing closed alpha test.
but, Even though my schedule hasn’t ended yet, I still wanted to participate in this month’s sketch,
even if just briefly. So, while the original plan was to include characters in the render, I adjusted the goal to make torrent&downpour ambient env FX as well in order to finish the sketch within the deadline.

My reference is Dream-Devouring Slitcurrent Abnormality from Limbus Company,

It has a whale-like appearance with fluorescent lights attached to its back that giving it a unique look.
I tried creating a sequence where these fluorescent lights float on the ocean while heavy rain pours down.

I tried using the PCG feature in this sketch. It was a convenient feature for randomly placing a large number of assets in the background.

I practiced Tharlevfx’s Simulation Stage Course in this sketch.
I generated normal maps from niagara’s rendered render target and used them in an additive material for refraction, representing raindrops on the camera lens.


This is really awesome!

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That’s super Dope Stuff, again! :smiley:
I really dig it.

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this looks so good!!

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Awesome work! Could expand more on the spline propagation?

sure, I made a blueprint actor that include spline and PCG component.

First, bring in the spline data contained in BP and the surface(Landscape) information as input values.


And then set the Dimension setting of the spline sampler to On interior,
which will place PCG points on the spline.

And by intersecting the previously datas,
that can retain only the PCG points that are on the landscape surface while being inside the spline.

The Density filter adjusts the placement density based on the values of previously generated PCG points,
Transform points node makes random variation to the transforms of the actors to be placed.

Since I placed BP actors, I used the Spawn Actor node, but if you’re only going to place meshes,
using a Static Mesh Spawner node instead would be appropriate.

Since the Procedural Content Generation Framework plugin isn’t at version 1.0 yet,
the way it’s used might change in the future. I tested it based on version 0.2.


This is super cool dude!

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That’s super cool, will have to keep this in mind for something in the future, if I ever get around to it!

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It’s ok I guess.

Just kidding, amazing stuff as always! :sparkling_heart:

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