Help with Marvel's sky light beam

Hey people, I am in the process to create this huge enviromental effect, that its supposed to look like the sky beam in Marvel movies, anyone has any idea how to create it and integrated into the game?

Here are some reference I gathered, I am using Ultra Dynamic Sky for the weather system.




Thank you guys!

Which part of the effect is causing you headaches? Without any context this seems quite straightforward, but there are so many possible variables. Give us some context! :smiley:

Right now the main problem is the integration with the sky, the idea is to create this sort of light source from the clouds, that breaks the clouds. I tried making my own Flipbook of clouds, but it doesnt integrate properly, the cloud system we are using is the one from Ultra Dynamic Sky…

Also the beam and the light has to look like energy or electricity, and I am not sure how to achieve that, right now it is only a normal beam.

Here Is what I haveright now

Here is another one

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some of these cloud / fog plugins allow you to set void areas. I would check with the plugin author to see if that’s possible, and then see if you can dynamically create a void.

The clouds also don’t seem to be receiving the lighting from your beam (or at least extremely subtle only) so that’s something else to check out that should improve the visuals

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Thanks yeah I checked the plugin and it does require a great deal of hacking to make it work…

my studio makes a couple of plugins for Unity (Master Audio, Core Gamekit), and we love to hear from users how we could improve the products.

I really do recommend reaching out to the plugin author for assistance or advice. If the answer is no, at least you’ll know for certain at that point.

Super unrelated but I want you to let you know that I’ve been using Master Audio since ~2015 for all my indie projects and it’s one of the few assets I import into my project right after I create one. Nothing came close to the immediacy, ease of use but also the granularity (when required) of your tool. Keep up the good work!

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great to hear, thanks so much!