Help with controlling Common Parameters across 17 Dynamic Material Instances

In hopes of being as clear as possible:

  • I have a character mesh that as 17 separate materials in Unreal. As of now are not instances or children…
  • 6 of the 17 have Player Controlled Vector Parameter Color being fed into them. It is the same structure fed color for all 6 materials. (material parameter collections aren’t working since they are global not per actor)
  • All 17 have an “Opacity Dissolve” Scalar Parameter to control a fade out/in of the mesh. It is the same Scalar Parameter being fed into each of them always.

What I think I need to do:

  • Make 17 separate dynamic material instances for each material so I can control the parameters inside when I wish.
  • Set Material (node) for each? This is confusing since it seems to work without setting each.

What I hoping I can do:

  • Have some sort of Material Function I can call in on each material to only do it once - but how do I made a material function dynamic? or…
  • Have some sort of parent material that controls the parameters so I can just create a dynamic material for that one - ONCE and use it to drive the children materials. Not even sure if this is a thing?

Advice on a smarter way to do this?

Are these entirely unique materials for each, or are these material instances/children? (Is this Unreal, Unity, or a more broad case for any engine?)

Is there any way you are able to elaborate what these different materials are for, like status effects? Or is this for work and that’s all the info you can give?

I don’t want to give you the wrong direction on accident, but if this is all the info you can share, I’ll try my best to give a good suggestion on a solution

Edited original post - apologies. I can share more, should have thought of it initially.

  • Unreal
  • As of now materials are not instances or children.
  • The Color Parameters are called in from a menu change and are stored in a “player_structure” and can be changed at any point in the game.
  • The game has “attachments” and one of the attachments causes a forward shift, which makes the model disappear for a second then reappear in selected area.

This shows the teleport functionality. It works but only because I’m using a Material Collection Parameter that causes ALL models to dissappear that are using it!

Thanks for the additional info. Sorry, I’ve been super busy with work today. I’ll try and give you a better follow up as soon as I can :+1:

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