Hearthstone custom gold cards

Hey friends,
I’ve spent today making custom gold hearthstone cards. Still WIP, but mostly complete.
Hoping to do more work on C’Thun (the last card), intending to make the eye look around erratically and possibly blink.

Edit: Put the lastest video here at the top

OLD video

I made use of Dan Moran’s shader work to get started. It was a lot of fun.
Original assets by Blizzard. I only built the effects being applied to the cards.

Would love feedback on what I could do better and anything that breaks the Hearthstone style.
Still a WIP, hoping to correct any concerns, polish it up a bit more and record a better video.


I always figured it would be easier for authoring if the transparent effect layers were just additive scrolling textures on some simple geometry. Then you wouldnt have to store a flow map. So for the healing touch rings around the tree, you would just add two rings smushed on z.

I wonder what the real assets look like.

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Hopefully this will be useful. :slight_smile: Hearthside Chat - Golden Cards with Jon Briggs - Hearthstone


That was an excellent read, cheers.

Certainly gives some ideas on how I can improve/make more consistent my own card work.


Quick update, Added looking around with the eyeball
Here’s a close up
Sorry about the quality, when I do a proper beauty pass I’ll record it better.

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Another update. Here is the collection of card effects
Now with fancy camera movement :smiley: