Harry Alisavakis' Sketchbook

Earth attack!



The Shader on your rocks is very cool, I like the outline and the cartoon render any tips to know how to do this ?

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It’s a custom toon surface shader! The outline is basically a stepped fresnel effect with emissive color!
I better demonstrate the shader in this tweet. I do plan on making a tutorial on it at some point, with the shader code and all ^^

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I see Thank you ! :wink:

Did you use any specific plugin / asset to make the ice shards travel in a certain direction or is it all just made by Velocity over lifetime / Custom Data?

It’s actually done via a (very) custom tweening tool I made, similar to what DOTween does!

I basically take the starting position and the target’s position, get a random point in between them, and move the projectiles along a quadratic Bezier curve using an easing function. Cool thing about that is that no matter the length of the path, the duration of the animation is constant!

Their rotation follows the path by using the derivative of the Bezier equation to get the direction they should be looking at.

Any asset on the unity store that can achieve this, im a VFX trainee so i still need those kind of assets for practice!

Maybe DOTween has something like that, but I’m not sure. Also you should be able to find some tools that create curves/ splines to see how these works. I think Sebastian Lague released something like that at some point.

Thanks so much for the info really appreciate it! Keep up the good work!

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Anime laser beam, inspired by Erb’s work!


Took a stab at a simple portal effect!


An attempt at an AOE fire spell :fire::fire::fire:


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Small teleport effect to test a custom “futuristic cubes” shader :3


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Boss summoning orb, similar to one in Black Desert :crystal_ball::fire:


Attack VFX inspired by Young Souls! :smiley:


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A take on Pokemon GO’s Pokemon catching VFX!

( Pokeball model by Adria Ruiz: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/pokeball-dadc07653f964eb681114696bc683650 )

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It’s great, but why are you presenting it on a magenta background?

Thanks! No particular reason tbh, just wanted something that pops while the blue/yellow elements on top can be readable

Don’t know if it’s as bad on other screens, but on mine, it totaly overwhelms the effect.
Might be a good idea to take some off the colour out as currently it’s kinda distracting, which is a shame.

Yeah, I feared that’d be the case for some people, but it was too late ^^" I will keep it in mind for next effects though

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