Hades Material/VFX Help

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Hi there, just curious if anyone knows how to approach this material/vfx in Unreal. What I mean is the long thin particle/s? seems to connect to the wobbly circular shape as if they were one. Also note the purple-ish particles coming off the circular shape that sorta seem to collect its color, any and all help would be appreciated, thanks you!


I think you can separaet the effect into different parts/emitters:

  • The particles ‘dripping down’
  • The circular ‘flame’
  • And the radial sparks/glow

If your shader is masked, and the color values are the same (e.g. all the exact same purple/blue color), the should blend seamlessly into each other. It’s basically completely flat shaded, just color values.
The harsh color separation can easily be done with a gradient map/curve atlas, with very small/no blend values; like this:

For the round base, for example, you can just use a radial gradient, slightly distort the UVs with a flowmap and apply the curve atlas.

Just as a sidenode: I vaguely remember most of the hades VFX being done with after effects, so this might also be just one unique flipbook. But you can achieve this with some shader magic and particles in UE for sure :slight_smile:

Yep, thanks Tobias! This is def done in After Effects. For anyone curious check this video as an example. The more you know

You can achieve something like this also in shaders via distance fields (combining multiple distance fields) It’s sligtly complex, but if you are interested, joyrok has a cool article about distance fields:

Take a look at the section ‘Blending SDFs’ for this particular effect.

It’s done with the help of the smooth min function. Explained here:


This is incredible resource! Thank you <3

Oh cool, I appreciate you coming back to this, I ended up translating how it’s done in After Effects to Unreal and got decent results, but it’s not perfect. I’ll give those links a look, thanks!