Gyfcat Links don't embed correctly

Just discovered a really unfortunate bug with gyfcat links - they show up in the preview of our posts, but not the actual posted topic. Unfortunately, I have to throw this one out to the Discourse team.

I’ve reported it here:


And here’s an old discussion from last year where they thought it was resolved:

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just because I’m noob and confused . why RTVFX is similar to the discourse website ? is there any connection between them? (I have no idea what is this discourse website).

  • just curious :blush:

Top one :wink:

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Yup, Discourse is the awesome base platform on which all of this site is built upon - we’ve done quite a few modifications to make it our own, but there’s no way we could afford to build this from scratch :slight_smile:

Also worth mentioning - it’s partially the same team that built Stack Overflow.


Right on spot :sweat_smile:

Wow! It ended up being a problem with Gfycat directly - the discourse guys were able to help them get it sorted fast!