Guy Cool - Sketch #50 AOE Snow Healing

Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing well. After not being super happy with last month, I wanted to do better this month. I have decided to a Frozen-esc healing AOE effect. Please tell me what you think! I would love critiques as they help me improve.

My Progress (Still WIP):


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Hey looks like a good start. Since it’s WIP you might already be addressing these things:

  • try and dissolve put the clouds as ATM they disappear
  • make use of more noise textures to add interest, for example on the cylinder on the aoe
  • at the minute there isn’t anything really coming across as healing, consider adding some sort of design element to help convey this across

I’ve added some changes based on your feedback.

Nice! I’d work a little more on fade offs as it still looks like some parts disappear from the screen to quickly but looking better :slight_smile:

Final version I’m thinking, but if you see anything that could be improved just let me know!

I LOVE the snowflake on the ground. It really drives home the theme of the effect!

Thank you! Yeah in the reference I saw there was a similar effect in Frozen and I thought it was quite nice.