Ground break/crater effect from Houdini to UE4

Hello, I’m trying to get a ground destruction effect into UE4 from Houdini (ground breaks, shooting up/out rocks and leaving behind a crater), but I’m wondering how to go about it. Currently I see two ways:
-Make a canned animation in Houdini and export it to UE4, which (should be) is easy but inflexible and repetitive
-Only export the crater depth map for parallax/vertex offset and handle the flying rocks as normal mesh particles in Niagara, however this means getting the rocks to be shaped like the chunks from the ground and to not look like they are just randomly spawned generic rock meshes is off the table
So my question is: Is there a way to import an asset from Houdini and feed the different chunks into Niagara to use as mesh particles (with starting position, velocity, etc. taken from said asset)? If not, what is the best way to go about this?

You could use Houdini’s Game Development Toolset which includes this RBD sim to FBX, and then spawn an actor containing said FBX whenever you need!

Thanks, I’ll go with this, maybe see if I can’t do some random chunk vertex offsets or fiddle with the resulting animation for variation.