Global variables in Niagara

So we can create user parameters that we need to send into an effect. But can we have global parameters that all effects listen too?
For example lets say we want to standardize particle size for all particles in a game?
Materials can listen to global parameter collections which is very useful since every material has access to the same value, I have used this in materials to have a global emissive multiplier for all materials in the game. Would be cool with something similar for particles.

It’s called Niagara Parameter Collection, it’s pretty great!

Thanks, super useful. I see that one can use instances of the parameter collection. Is it possible to have several variations of the same settings and switch between parameters collections?
For example one emissive at day and one at night?

I haven’t used the instances yet.

I tend to just use a TimeOfDay style parameter to drive things using curves instead of switching instantly.

Yeah, I also set the npc based on lighting instead of swapping to a different instance. Haven’t found a usecase for the instances yet.

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