Giveaway Unity Black Hole and Other shaders

HI !
This is my subgraphs made in unity for LWR and HDR pipelines. optimized for mobile and Windows version, also for VR.
Easy way to make cool effects in unity PBR Shader Graph Editor`. package includes 13 subgraphs to help you make cool effects fast and easy. just drug and drop in shader graph connect Required pins to inputs and you’ll get nice effects.
package includes :

  1. linear Gradient
  2. Diamond Gradient
  3. Stepped Gradient
  4. Panner
  5. 2 color pulse effect
  6. 3 color blend
  7. Dissolve effect
  8. Seamless Tiling texture
  9. Flexible Fresnel Effect
  10. Radial Cut Off Effect
  11. Multi-functional sphere mask
  12. Position Offset Controll
  13. Hologram Shader

Link is here :