Geometry post process warping, how do I reposition the warped image to the masked object?

Been messing around with some distortion type effects and tried to stencil this post processing warp effect onto a specific mesh. The issue is that the warped image is now offset from the actual position of the object. My guess is that we would need to use a collection parameter of the object’s position and use that to transform the post processed image to its desired position. I just don’t know how to go about that technically. Need some help on this (alternative methods would also be greatly appreciated) <3 !

Could you elaborate a bit more of what you’re trying to achieve?
You want the distortion to only happen exactly where the original mesh is?

Just a side note: I usually use Screen Aligned uvs /Viewport uvs in pp materials, rather than TexCoord.
To scale your uvs from let’s say, the object position outwards, you would need to find a way to transform the world position of the actor to screen coordinates.