GDC'18 Thank You!

GDC’18 may have finished, but for the moment my obligations have not. As it is not yet truly done for me in till I say thanks carte blanche. Usually, this sort of thing that I do is relegated to the emails I gather, from the stack of cards I have received. Yet for this year, I was able to meet so SO many more of you, and the cards that I did get I feel do not reflect that. Well whatever am I to do? Not thank those whose card I did not receive? Pshhh, that just is not what I do.

So I figure I’ll “Send to all” and simply post it here. Yet in doing this method, I must also recognize that there are those who post here who did not get to go to GDC’18 this year. To those of you who I have yet to meet, or to even simply go to GDC at all fret not! I’m glad you’re here too! I look forward to meeting you too someday! :smiley:

So with a GDC once again in the history books, and the rush of the crowds now subdued and parted to whatever corner of this earth you call home, there’s finally time to reflect and appreciate the madness that was on full display. I saw so much more this year, and unfortunately, was not yet able to understand all that was said. Yet despite the current ignorance I find myself begrudgingly weighted under, I can not help but be thankful.

For those of you who steeped an inner strength, and spoke on stage (or pulled a @Freddy_Hoops and simply “moderated:wink:), I thank you. To those of you who ever so willingly imparted your wisdom and experience upon me, I thank you. To those of you who were able to be amongst the HORRIBLY named “Roundtable”, which is neither round nor a lone table, I double thank you.

With I currently being so few in available VFX knowledge, I have no idea if the little I was able to provide in both question & answer was of any worth at the Roundtables. Yet I can’t help but be thankful for both the opportunity, and for just being ever so welcoming to me. To us all in fact, as I wasn’t the only greenhorn :evergreen_tree: in attendance.

That welcoming spirit is really not something that exists throughout GDC for someone as new as I, and thus…yep. I thank you.

It was a real blast ya’ll, as it should be. :volcano:

TL;DR - Thank you for your smiles, your knowledge, and above all your forgiveness as I ever peck at each of your brains for juicy morsels of knowledge. MMMmmm, It’s Chewy! Be you a new face to me, or a face already well known, I thank you for being ever so welcoming and warm. It was a pleasure. Thank you.


-@Mez (AKA That really tall “kid” with the blue vest, a stupid hat, and a still stupid big grin on my face :rofl:)