GDC - Riot Games Creative Mixer Info - AT CAPACITY

EDIT - Hey buddies thank you for all of your amazing interest!!! We’re now at max capacity so I have no more invites to give, sorry! Myself and other Riot devs will be around GDC, and we’re really looking forwards to meeting you all :smiley:

Event Details:
Wed, March 1 2017
7:00 PM - 11:30 PM PST

House of Shields
39 New Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94105


This forum/thread is certainly not making a con-case to join GDC this year, It’s feels like one will miss the coolest event this year!

I went to GDC for 3 years while I was in school. I decided to not go in '16 because I just wasn’t getting enough worth out of the trip, and then there were tons of meetups and cool stuff that year :disappointed_relieved:

If I sign up and then not show up, will you hate me? So many cool things happening, it’s hard to choose.

Haha no of course not!!! I’ll just have to meet you at one of the other awesome events during the week :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m interested. Is this a direct message? I couldn’t find any buttons that were for sending a direct message, only the reply button.

I’ll DM you, no worries.

@ShannonBerke I’d love an invite if that’s possible. My full name is Jewel Lim :slight_smile:

@ShannonBerke I would like an invite por favor. Andrew Moran.

Hi Shannon,

I would like to attend. My name is Matthew Bennett. I am an Effects Artist currently working for Raven Software.



Hey FX buddies!

If you’re interested in attending here’s how to send a direct message, You can use it for sending messages directly to any person on this site, you just need their username. It’s pretty cool!

  1. At the top right hand corner of your screen you should see your icon, click it:
  2. You’ll get a little drop down. Click the one that looks like an envelope.

From there, you can write new messages, and see your inbox. Any direct messages sent to you will also go to this location, and appear as a little green number by your avatar. Hope that helps :smiley: Let me know if it’s still unclear!!


I just learned an easier way ^^; But am leaving the above option anyways ~

Click a persons name, and a little window appears. Click the blue message button! Easier! :smiley:

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Hi Shannon,
appreciate the instructions on how to DM but… for some reason Im not getting the icon
:frowning: (I has the sads)… (is there some other DM methodology) :wink:
Id love an invite if possible. Full name = Martina Sourada

@ShannonBerke I’d like an invite please and thank you! Jake Stull.

If you’re having trouble direct messaging you are likely not at a high enough “trust level”, i.e. trust level 0. By having limited functionality for brand new accounts it helps us cut down on bots that may spam the forums and/or users. Do a little reading and get your trust level up to 1 and you shouldn’t have a problem direct messaging. More on trust levels can be found here: What are Trust Levels and How do they Work?

Sorry about any inconvenience this may cause. It doesn’t take long getting to level 1.


@NateLane nailed it - we try to cut spam by requiring lvl 1 before allowing direct messages (you’d be surprised what a good spam bot can do with open abilities to message every user here).

It usually doesn’t pop up, except in scenarios like this. Let us know if it’s causing too much pain, and I’ll find a solution!

Hi Shannon!

I made an account here to DM you about joining the Riot mixer, but it looks like new accounts can’t send direct messages immediately haha. My husband and I would love to join, if still available! Thank you! :slight_smile:

@NateLane Ah, this makes sense! Thank you guys for the info, haha. I’m sure it’ll be fine as I can direct message anyone who posts here if they aren’t high enough level :slight_smile:

Hi Shannon,

I would like an invite for the Riot Games Mixer. Was unable to direct message you, perhaps it’s because I’m a new user. Thanks :smiley:

  • Diana Wynne

Perhaps the new people that are coming could post in the Introductions thread so we know who’s who :slight_smile:


Thank you for all of the amazing interest buddies!! We’re at max capacity :open_mouth: I’ve updated the event details. Really looking forwards to meeting with you all ^_^!!