GDC 2018: VFX Bootcamp lineup and party

Hello all!
Here’s the current line up for the GDC VFX Bootcamp on Tuesday March 20th . Its going to be a great day filled with some awesome talks! I hope to see you all there!

VFX Bootcamp 2018 presentations

But wait! That’s not all! After a day of filling your brain with VFX goodness we have an after day party at Victory Hall in the Parlor room from 7 -10.

More info to come. If you have any questions let me know!



So expensive this year, can’t make it :disappointed_relieved:

@Freddy_Hoops Do we need to sign up for the party ?? And Thankyou for the arrangement of line up’s! Looking forward to meet other vfx artists :smile:

yeah! first GDC, can’t wait!

Woo, Imma be there this year!!

@Minal_Kalkute Hello, There’s no sign up for the party just show up!

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Aww man I’m not going this year :frowning: Maybe next time…

Yeah! i’ll be there for the first time :D.
Unfortunately, i couldn’t buy the summits pass but hopefully will be on the party :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for helping put this together this year Fred!

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Well, I cant make it to the bootcamps (NO cash money baby). But I’ll make it to the party! I cant wait to meet all of you!

going to be there! So when is the roundtable happening then? is that also part of the bootcamp?

If it’s the same structure as last year, boot camps were Mon-Tues, Round Tables were Wed-Fri

Yes what Travis said, and the round tables are a part of the main conference. There will be 3 hosted by Drew as usual.

sweeeeet! Will finally be able to attend GDC this year. Very stoked for FX related stuff

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FYI The link above now has times for the bootcamp day. See you all soon.

Ill be at gdc this year, looking forward to this bootcamp

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SOunds fun! I cant wait to meet you guys. Question, WHen you say after day party, do you mean the next day? so Wednesday?

No the party is directly after the bootcamp on Tuesday.

Link for party here:

I’m glad I’m not the only one with no money haha. I’m going to go to the party for sure though!

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