GDC 2018: VFX Meet Up

Announcing the official GDC 2018 VFX Meet Up!

Mark your party calendars for Tuesday March 20th, 7-10pm at Victory Hall located at 360 Ritch St. SF. Yup, this is happening right after the VFX Boot Camp, just down the street. It’s going to be awesome, and will feature southern snacks, a big ole’ pile of drink tickets, our own reserved room, a 2017 VFX highlight reel, #RealTimeVFX schwag, music and more! As you may have noticed from the flyer 2018 is the year of the RealTimeVFX hashtag, use it and search for it on social media to connect with members of the community and fans of the craft.

Don’t miss this chance to let loose with VFX artists from across the industry and across the world!

Huge thanks and a big shoutout to our sponsors this year:
Undertone FX
Tilt Brush

Special note: PopcornFX will have a session on realtime VFX wednesday March 21, 11am-12pm. Be sure to check it out and if you see 'em say thanks!


Looking forward to see you all!

I’ll miss you all this year :frowning:

Thank you all for putting this together! We have a few members of our company, Playful Corp. from McKinney, TX, that are interested in attending. Is this an invite only, or open to all? Thanks again.

The event is open to any and all visual effect artists! We won’t be checking for party invites at the door or anything, but space will be tight so we do want to keep attendance focused on those in (or trying to get into) the industry.

Will you be able to get in without a GDC badge? I know a few students who will be in SF on Tuesday but only have the Wed-Fri expo badge.

No GDC badge required - this should be a really great event for students looking to get into the field (even if they’re not attending GDC)

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Awesome, I’ll relay that to any students going

See you guys there! :smiley:

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Im going to my first GDC this year. Very excited to finally talk to some of you in person!

The hashtag buttons are in:) The art by Ryan looks great in print. Sadly due to the rules of color and composition balance I was unable to spell PUBG with the logo letters :frowning:


Oh i wish i could attend the GDC :disappointed_relieved:

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Cool! See yall there!

Man, why is everything on Tuesday!

This year again PopcornFX is pleased to invite the VFX community to GDC 2018 we have a couple of exhibitor passes & expo plus passes for you ! ( First come first served => send a private message here: and enjoy the show!

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Dang, I wish I would have know about this sooner, I could have gone. I hope they go to good homes!

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So sorry to here that Travis, looking forward to meet-up next time

No worries! It’s very generous to give out the extras, and maybe a student or someone otherwise unable to attend will get a chance to go to their first GDC :slight_smile:

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Wow, awesome Popcorn FX!!!

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That was awesome. You’re all amazing and so damn inspiring.