FXTextureMaker Website Mockup

Hey everyone,

I’m sure a few of you are already aware of this website posted a few years ago.

I think it’s a really cool concept so I wanted to play around with the idea and check the feasibility of making a more openly usable version of it.

So, I’ve been playing around with webgl to build a mockup of what that would look like :


It is still very basic, but I think it is far enough along to start a sketchbook style thread on it.


Custom shader editor.
Write glsl in the editor, and press compile.
The page will automatically generate draggable inputs for float, vec2 and vec3 uniforms.

Click the select preset button, to load a list of presets.
Global presets are presets anyone can use.
Local presets are presets you saved using the Save local preset button below the code editor.

Save Result
The save result button allows you to download the texture you made and save it to disk as a .png file.
I highly recommend enabling, ask before download feature on your browser, this will pop-up a file browser from where you can select the save location.

Responsive Viewer

The main viewing window can be zoomed in on and dragged around with the middle mouse button. Usefull when you want to check what a specific part of your texture will look like.

Hopefully you can have a try and let me know what you think.


See the page for more detail, but basically, the tool is licenced under an MIT license.

As with any tool, the copyright of the resulting texture belongs entirely to you.

(This isn’t required, but if you do use it for a project, commercial or otherwise, please let me know, I’d love to see the result)

Ideas? Suggestions?

If you have any ideas, questions, feedback or suggestions for the tool, please let me know.


No specific roadmap, but here are some of the features I would like to add:

  • Timeline with time control, play, pauze, etc…
  • Preview modes (tiled, sphere, cube, etc…)
  • Preset thumbnails (seems unlikely due to server client mismatch, but maybe)
  • Preset ordering and filtering.
  • Local preset sharing (unlikely due to server space cost, but maybe)
  • More global presets, Fbm noise, voronoi, flare, etc…
  • Modifier Stack : similar to mebiusbox’ website, allows for adjusting the texture in multiple passes
  • More Export options : Texture size, TGA export

Ooh, looking good Buddy!
I’ll play with it soon :slight_smile:

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Added automatic file slector fields when using sampler2D uniforms

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Very cool! Are you also planning to make it possible to export an animated (loopable) flipbook?

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Yeah, it’s a feature I would like as well, so I will definitely be looking into it.
I’m not sure about the feasibility of it though

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Some more progress:

Added a controllable timeline:

  • Click and drag to set time
  • Buttons work pretty much as you would expect
  • Boundary is a dragabble text input, just like the float inputs

Added Shader compilation check.
Will attempt to compile, and catch compilation errors before applying the new shader.
You can get way more detailed information from the browser debugger, but it should give a quick overview in case you missed something.

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