FxER UE4 VFX Materials asset

Hi all,

FxER is the vfx material series that published in UE4 maeketplace and created by Ryan and Eric.
We are trying to make the simple and easy way with UE4 material to do some visual graphic and motion.
Most of asset is working on a single plane/mesh, easy to enhance UI, props or vfx abilities. Let your project can be enhance quickly for working.
And it seems to me that is a good reference for beginner to learn shader/material.
Wish everyone enjoy it.

Tech Style UI Materials

Tech Style UI Text Motion

PostFX GlobalScan

Tech Style UI Circle

TV Effect Noise

FxER SwordTrail

TechnologicalStyleUI Panel

TV Effect Glitch

TechnologicalStyleUI VFX



Marketplace:FxER_Stylized Sword Trail
Demo Video

18 stylize sword trail effect.
All of slash is working on particle system with mesh emitter.

Marketplace:FxER NeonSign HK
Demo video

20+ neon motion materials.
All is shader animation without key animation.
A quick and easy way to enhance your scene.