Fx animations



hey everyone,
I wanna share with You some of my projects I worked during learning Houdini,
these are not renders but flipbooks straight from scene viewport;
I’m going to put here more in the near future :smiley:

simple destruction test

destruction using solver on constraints

building destruction

pixel art fire

Frank the Zombie

smoke using sprites

emit particles from dynamic impacts

particles sampling point cloud data


another test with pixel style fire, these are not voxels but poly boxes and it’s only 7.96 KB :sunglasses:


more play with pixelation :sunglasses:


it’s time to do some water fx :potable_water:

version 0.1 is more 2D

version 0.2 is more 3D


You do know that this is a game vfx forum right? Just in case you wondered why nobody is replying. :slight_smile:


You replied it means a lot :smiley: ,
I have an idea to put some of this stuff into hda and Houdini Engine, to play with it in: unity, unreal, etc


Sweet! Just checking. There have been people in the past who got frustrated about without realizing. Good luck!


These are cool! I really like the point-cloud one, but I’m not sure I understand what’s going on in it—what causes the particles’ paths to diverge and get all swirly?


thanks man, these particles sample data from other geometry(points data) and this other geo is not visible but stores velocity data on points - so You can shape your geo how You want and velocity also, then particles use pointCloud function which returns any data You want -in this case I use velocity- then I add velocity to current velocity of particles and voila :smiley:


I’m testing new fx - portal; test number 3 :space_invader: