From newbie for newbies

Hello there!

My first post was supposed to go up a week ago however I forgot to pay my electricity bill and I didn’t have it for 4 days lol :melting_face:

I plan to post my progress every week from what I managed to create and also try to explain how I managed to achieve it.

The first is a slash with instructions on how to draw a texture for a slash in a blender


I used a blender to create it and here is how I did it!

Also here comes a bonus tip for creating textures :smile:

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Next is the impact effect of hitting stones. It’s a regular 2v2 flipbook for the hit and the smoke

This tutorial helped me to create Flipbook particle with Shader Graph

Big thanks to Gabriel Aguiar for his channel :pray:

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The last one is player healing. I only focused on the “mechanical” aspect of the particle itself.

My goal is to swap the rotating particles into some great-looking trails like those from Shannon’s post and change the shader for the pluses so they emit some light when pulsating

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Right now I was struggling with recreating this cool fire effect from this youtube video

So far I was able to create simple noise with Green and Red channels and the mask

And the walls come in big because:

This is a desired effect

and… then there is mine… :melting_face:

Here is a shader for the fire

Tommorow I will post on how to create similar noise and mask with separate channels:

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Really good progress so far :smiley:

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Thanks to Simon’s reply on Twitter I finally managed to create a shader for a stylized fire effect :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I did some tweaks and added a simple gradient


And here I post a shader breakdown :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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This week’s progress comes with little fewer particles and more questions (I guess?:melting_face:)
I did some tinkering with the fire shader so now I can apply my own mask and use it as a status effect on the camera or some flat objects etc.
Remade shader for healing effect. Little dings are now cute and healing pluses are bright :star_struck:
The only part missing for healing is a trail.
So far I have made a basic texture (ugly texture tho. :confused:) and a panning shader
I will work on mesh and timing in the next couple of days

Also, I created a whole new particle for punch. Probably have to redo some textures and fix the gradient ratio

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I just realised that my erosion on the trail is gone lol