Free vector fields for unreal


Hey! I already posted this on the unreal forums, but I figured some of you might be interested as well.

I was creating a bunch of noisy Vector Fields to use in a particle effect I’m working on and figured more people might have use for them. So, here they are! The different noises are Perlin, Simplex, and Alligator. There’s a High and low frequency version of all. They also come in three resolutions each. 8x8x8, 16x16x16 and 32x32x32. They are .fgas so just drag the one you want into your project.

You can use them however you wish. :slight_smile: DOWNLOAD

Here’s what they look like:

Perlin Low Frequence

Perlin High Frequency

Simplex Low Frequency

Simplex High Frequency

Alligator Low Frequency

Alligator High Frequency

Make Cool Stuff!

Vector Field Authoring
Vector Field Authoring

Speaking of free vector fields, a buddy of mine is also working on VF related stuff!

its in early alpha, but its a speedy tool for easy vecfields :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks for these!


These are great! Are you able to give a brief overview on how you generated these vector fields? I’ve only been familiar with making vector fields in Maya with fluid sims. Thank you for the download link btw!



I made them with Houdini. It’s a fairly straightforward setup.

Step 1: Get a box.
Step 2: Put your… points in that box. As in, randomly scatter points in the box. Lots of them.
Step 3: Apply the noise of your choice to the normals of those points.
Step 4: Transfer that normal directions to a volume, but rename the normal attribute to velocity.
Step 5: Bring the volume into a dopnet as a fluidsource.
Step 6: Export the result of the dopnet with the FGA Exporter OTL from Orbolt.
Step 7: …?
Step 8: Profit!


Looks like I gotta get my hands dirty in Houdini sometime soon. Thanks for the breakdown!


Thanks heaps for these dude!


Anyone know what the material limitations are for GPU sprites?


Your imagination?
thats about a good limit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I havent really met any limits, though… I havent tested stuff like custom uv’s, tesselation, that kind of thing.


Yeah, those are things i’m wondering. It looked for a minute like it had trouble with my UV set.
Was wondering if there were any blend mode limitations.

@Partikel Thanks for the vecs!


Thanks alot for these @Partikel, I’m using them in production already. BTW, nice job on your GDC presentation!

FYI for those here whose who are interested in a little bit about the math of vector fields, there’s a couple of short videos from Khan Academy that provide an easy to understand introduction:

3D vector fields intro

3D vector field example


I found this Vector Field Creator Plugin for Blender which looks fine.I just did a little tutorial about it.


cool stuff thak you!!!


That’s quick and to the point, cool tutorial as always!

I followed the link to github, under the code tab in the readme the author links to a handy selection of premade vectorfields, which are quite versatile already: